What does the Melting Park hold in store for you?

Between now and its full opening in 2019, the DROHME Melting Park will be growing little by little to become a model for multigenerational active leisure parks. Here is an overview of its five key focuses.

Nature on your doorstep

Guided nature trails

As the gateway to the Forêt de Soignes, the DROHME Melting Park is the ideal starting point for setting out to explore the forest. Recommended routes and guided nature trails are available, leaving from the House of the Forest.

Natura 2000 Zone

DROHME is partially located in a Natura 2000 zone. This means that it is surrounded by nature at its very best, from remarkable trees to honey flowers and natural meadows.

Treetop discovery

A key future element of the park will be the Treetop Viewpoint, rising above the majestic trees and offering uninterrupted 360° views of the Forêt de Soignes and the city – a unique vantage point over the capital of Europe and its forest!

Culture heads outside

Performances and exhibitions at the Grandstand and Small Stand

The newly restored Grandstand and Small Stand opened their doors in summer 2016. The terraces can provide seating for outdoor performances while the Grandstand’s rooftop gives visitors a stunning panoramic view of the site and the forest.

Today, the spaces that are a bit more rough around the edges inside the Grandstand, such as the Boudoir and the Royal Box, provide a unique, exclusive setting for exhibitions, conferences, performances and other theatrical activities. In the future these rooms will also be renovated. The intention is to use them for activities related to the site and to create a welcome desk to greet visitors.

“Living culture” across the site

Landscape art, narrated tours, street theatre and a new circus are just some of the activities that will be available across the site. The aim is to bring culture to life, build social links, and be open to everyone.

Recreational sport for all

Sport has always been a part of the Uccle-Boitsfort Hippodrome. And with the DROHME Melting Park, there will be something for everyone!

Running, horse riding, cycling

The DROHME Melting Park makes the perfect starting point for a jog or a bike or horse ride. Eventually, a bike hire and maintenance area will be available. And the House of Sports will be there to provide information or somewhere to take a break, chill out or shower off.

Get moving any old way!

The DROHME Melting Park will offer sports activities for everyone, with an eco-friendly skating rink, fitness equipment dotted along the track and in the sports complex, miniature golf course, bouldering rocks, and a Treetop Trail. Sports equipment will also be available to hire or borrow on site.

A golf club in the heart of the city!

The Brussels DROHME Golf Club was set up 25 years ago in the centre of the racecourse. It continues to offer a nine-hole course in the centre of the city, just on the edge of the forest – an exceptional location.

Hands-on learning

The House of the Forest 

Located on the edge of the forest, this house will serve as Brussels’ welcome and information centre for people visiting the Forêt de Soignes. Its mission? To raise environmental awareness among the public and help them discover local flora and fauna.

Run in partnership with Bruxelles Environnement, this exemplary building will play an educational role and act as a fun, creative window into eco-friendly living.

Open-ended programme 

In partnership with environmental education associations, the DROHME Melting Park will host workshops, guided tours and conferences on the themes of nature and the environment.

Roll up your sleeves 

And because the best way of learning is to put your money where your mouth is, visitors will be able to have a go at looking after a vegetable garden, managing waste, and even using a compost heap.

Leisure for all

No matter what your age, there will be something for everyone at the DROHME Melting Park.

A stylish family brasserie inspired by a creative designer

This restaurant will be based in the beautifully restored, historic Weighing Room building. Its large, sunny patio will adjoin a play area for young children.

An organic bistro

The Forester’s House and its future contemporary extension will house an organic bistro serving local products from local producers. Its terraces will look out over the orchard and racecourse.

Play area, walks, picnics…

Kids and their families will absolutely love the innovative new play area. And the site’s iconic racecourse and ring will make a lovely place for walks, with benches and picnic spots dotted around. Pony rides will also be available to children who are accompanied by an adult.

Meditation space

Last but not least, the dojo will offer a meditation and well-being space surrounded by nature – something no other city can boast!

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