Built in 1878 and matching the architecture of its big sister, the small grandstand was designed to host VIP horse racing spectators. It has now been faithfully restored, with its terraces acting as a venue for smaller events and its two ground floor spaces offering a setting for small groups (classes, youth groups, training courses, etc.).


The eclectic yet charming Small Stand has been on the site as long as the hippodrome itself. It is the only building there that has undergone hardly any changes since it was first built. It is therefore an accurate representation of the site’s original architecture.

In the past, the building’s ground floor served as a storage area for riding equipment while VIP spectators watched the races from the stands.


The project is planning to install a staircase to access the terraces.

Once renovated, the Small Stand’s terraces will offer a venue for small events while its ground floor will be fitted out with two reception areas (2 x 35 m²).