The Grandstand is the site’s flagship building and part of the Betting Village. Its shell has been sympathetically restored to reflect its original format. The Grandstand and Pavilion were the first buildings constructed on the site in 1878.

These symmetrical structures, with a central brick portion, have been remodelled numerous times over the years. On its ground floor, the Grandstand was home to the betting counters and a tea room, with a royal box upstairs.

Since the end of horse racing on the site more than 20 years ago, the building has hosted different events and functions, acting as a village hall, a nightclub and a theatre, among others.

Today, the Grandstand is already providing a venue for corporate activities and private and public events, allowing businesses and individuals to enjoy unique, exclusive experiences in a verdant setting in the heart of Brussels.

And tomorrow?

  • The Betting Village will be the entrance to and the heart of DROHME. It will be a pedestrian area, with paths snaking into the site.
  • The central area, composed of the Grandstand and Betting Village, will be reorganised to play host to the first circular economy village in Brussels. The aim is to bring together activities and services that reflect the site’s main values: nature, sport, culture and well-being.
  • The existing trees will be retained and protected.