Who is behind DROHME?

DROHME was born out of one man’s desire… and his determination to see his environmental and social dreams become reality. Michel Culot, CEO of VO Group, took the reins of DROH!ME in 2013 and steered it to success!

It was love at first site for Michel Culot when he first encountered the area 20 years ago. In 2013, his dream of breathing new life into the Uccle-Boitsfort Hippodrome became reality. Together with his team he won the tender to launch what has today become the DROHME Melting Park.

A public-private partnership

DROHME Melting Park is a public-private partnership between:

  • the SAU(urban development corporation – formerly the SAF), the site’s leaseholder;
  • DROHME Invest, a limited company responsible for developing the project and its subsidiaries.
  • and Bruxelles Environnement which is involved with several parts of the restoration project: managing the House of the Forest, co-financing the free regional playground and co-managing the forest areas.

An erdf project

Following a rigorous application and selection process, the DROHME project was granted a subsidy from the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) programme to increase the value of investments for the site’s renovation and management.

A VO Group subsidiary

DROHME Invest is part of the VO Group and shares the same values of environmental management and social responsibility. Its aim is to manage the company, its customer late relations and its project development sustainably.

VO Group holds eco-dynamic certification from Bruxelles Environnement.

The DROHME Invest board members

Thierry Callaert

Bruno Collet

Michel Culot

Nicolas de Moreau

Patrick Parmentier

Eric Theunis

Roland Vaxelaire

Hervé de Radigues

The DROHME project development team

Michel Culot

Pim Bust

Carole Maton



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