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Nature trails

As the gateway to the Sonian Forest, DROHME is the ideal starting point for setting out to explore the forest. Recommended routes and guided nature trails starting from DROHME will be available from September 2019 (in collaboration with KONKI).

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A range of suggested walks are also available on the Sonian Forest’s website.



Natura 2000 Zone

DROHME is partially located in a Natura 2000 zone. Nature is therefore at the heart of the park’s concept. The park is surrounded by nature at its very best, from remarkable trees to honey-producing flowers and natural meadows.

Exploring the forest

Treetops Course

A highly innovative Treetops Course – the only one of its kind in Brussels – will let you discover the site from an unusual vantage point as you take a mid-air walk. It will open in spring/summer 2020 and will be located in the woods between the ring and the Avenue de l’Hippodrome.Buy your ticket(s) here.

House of the Forest

The House of the Forest, the symbol of the DROHME project, will form the junction between the city and the forest. Located at the edge of the Sonian Forest, this educational area will increase environmental awareness and welcome families, schools and businesses.

Treetop Viewpoint

A key future element of the park will be the Treetop Viewpoint, rising above the majestic trees and offering uninterrupted 360° views of the Sonian Forest and the city— a unique vantage point over the capital of Europe and its forest!

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