DROHME: The dream

The dream behind DROHME, Europe's first MELTING PARK, has at last become reality.

DROHME? Dream in English, droom in Dutch, and Drohme in our world! It was also inspired by the Greek word “drome”, meaning movement, evoking the venue’s horse racing past.

Melting? Yes, like a melting pot! Drohme is bursting with an eclectic mix of sports, cultural, educational, leisure and nature activities.

Park? With so much fabulous green space, it would have been a crime to use it as anything other than a park.

Until now, Brussels didn’t have anywhere for people of all ages to relax and pursue leisure activities surrounded by nature. Now it does.

A new kind of park

DROHME is here to fill this gap and, as the gateway to the Forêt de Soignes, create a whole new kind of park for active leisure pursuits that is innovative, family-friendly, multi-generational, and above all revolves around nature.

The park will take an open, respectful and accessible approach to five key areas:

  • nature
  • culture
  • sport
  • education
  • leisure

The result? A multifunctional space that offers something unique that has never before been seen in either Brussels or Europe!

A new lease of life for the Uccle-Boitsfort hippodrome

DROHME will bring this fabulous venue back to life to create something no other capital city has!

  • Super accessible: by bike, on foot, by public transport or by car.
  • Packed with activities: see a trailblazing circus show, watch the squirrels scurrying about, organise fun activities with friends or colleagues, celebrate your birthday in the open air, enjoy a family meal at the Weighing Room Brasserie, customise your bike, meditate under the trees while the kids play in the play area, or explore the canopy on the treetop trail. Whatever you choose to do, DROHME offers an unmissable breath of fresh air for everybody, right in the heart of Brussels.

We cater for everyone – whether you’re 9 or 99 – from families to businesses, schools, associations, clubs and institutions.


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