DROHME: a major project with an expert team

With a project the size of the Melting Park, DROHME Invest has rustled up a crack team of experts.

A high-flying project

  • Architects: Art & Build
  • Landscaping: JNC International
  • Mobility: Espaces Mobilités / Fluxology
  • Technical specialists: JZH Partners
  • Energy performance consultants: JZH Partners and GENII sprl
  • Stability: JZH Partners

And renowned consultants including:

  • Cap Network (financial advisers)
  • Ipa Agency (ERDF process support)
  • Sport Interface (sports activities)
  • EcoRes (consultation process support)
  • Aliwen (phytosanitary study)

As part of the ERDF programme DROHME is the subject of a study being carried out by Metrolab Brussels, an inter-university (UCL & ULB) and inter-disciplinary (geography, urban planning, sociology) applied and theoretical urban research laboratory.

An open dialogue

DROHME is also in contact with numerous neighbourhood associations and committees affected by the project,  as well as Uccle, the town where DROHME is located, and the three surrounding towns of Watermael-Boitsfort, Brussels and Ixelles.

DROHME is also working with representatives of the five other Forêt de Soignes attractions – the Rouge-Cloître Abbey, the Parc de Tervuren, Groenendael Priory, the village of Jezus-Eik and Solvay Castle in La Hulpe.


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