Heat wave and forest

Brussels and its surroundings are hot, it occupies the conversations and the media, and we are still waiting for temperature increases by the end of the week.

Photos: W. Van de Velde
The forest, whose buffering effect on temperatures is well known, can be a haven of relative coolness: in addition to the shade and humidity brought by its vegetation, wetlands and ponds further increase the temperature differences between city ​​and nature.
A map published by Brussels Environment shows it very well: in red the hottest areas, in blue the coolest areas. It is easy to find the forest of Soignes!

Map: Brussels Environment
BUT BEWARE! Walking in the forest during these hot days and this drought of almost two months requires however to take some precautions:
  • Do not go on a walk without a bottle (s) of water
  • Avoid intense sports activities (mountain biking, jogging) during the hottest hours.
  • Be alert to the risk of falling branches
  • Do not light a fire or barbecue
  • And avoid smoking : the risk of fire is real!