The Betting Village (Village des Paris in French) is and always has been the main entrance to the racecourse site.  Spectators used to meet there to place bets before the races, as well as for other one-off events.

Offering an uninterrupted view of the buildings, magnificent trees and gazebos, the Betting Village is located between the Chaussée de la Hulpe and the racecourse. It includes the Grandstand, the gazebos, the former stables, the weighing room (Restaurant Le Pesage), and a multipurpose outdoor space for hosting temporary events.

The Betting Village and its character buildings can host all sorts of events, from markets to corporate activities, seminars, conferences, private dinners and running events.

These characterful spaces on the edge of the forest are an amazing setting for unique experiences right in the heart of Brussels.

You can find out all about hiring these venues, as well as other practical information, in their brochure.

And tomorrow?

  • The Betting Village will be the entrance to and the heart of DROHME. It will be a pedestrian area, with paths snaking into the site.
  • The central area, composed of the Grandstand and Betting Village, will be reorganised to play host to the first circular economy village in Brussels. The aim is to bring together activities and services that reflect the site’s main values: nature, sport, culture and well-being.
  • The existing trees will be retained and protected.