DROHME: setting the wheels in motion

We have embarked on a whole host of procedures in order to launch the DROHME Melting Park project.

Permit applications

  • In October 2015, DROHME submitted its building (urban planning and heritage) and environmental (mixed procedure) permit applications covering the majority of the site.
  • The permit requests concern works to the existing buildings and outdoor spaces as well as the construction of the House of the Forest and the extension of the old Forester’s House.
  • Since it is classed as a heritage site, the permit applications were handled by the regional authorities.
  • An impact study was carried out between September 2016 and February 2017.
  • Based on this, the project will be reviewed and resubmitted in mid-August 2017.
  • Two public surveys are planned. The first one will look at the specifications of the impact study that took place in May 2016. The second will focus on the updated project and will take place from the end of August to the end of September 2017.
  • The permits will be granted by Bruxelles Développement Urbain and by Bruxelles Enrivonnement.


Impact assessments

  • As part of this procedure, an environmental impact assessment will analyse the project’s impact on its environment (mobility, noise levels, fauna and flora, etc.) as well as the socio-economic impact.  The project will be updated based on the recommendations of this study.
  • The six-month impact assessment began in September 2016.
  • It was carried out by ARIES, a certified independent consultant, and overseen by a local authority committee (Bruxelles Développement Urbain, Direction de l’Urbanisme, Direction des Monuments et Sites, Bruxelles Environnement, Bruxelles Mobilité, Vivaqua, Citydev and the towns of Uccle, Watermael-Boitsfort and Brussels). The project has also been submitted for the approval of the Commission Royale des Monuments et Sites.


Information sessions

At the same time as applying for permits, DROHME is carrying out a public consultation to keep those affected by the project up to date and to listen to their feedback.

The DROHME Melting Park team organised an information evening, Babbel@DROHME, on 21 March at which more than 500 questions and comments from the public were gathered.

Following this event, three themed information evenings were organised:

Nature & environment – 6 June 2016

Programme & target audience – 28 September 2016

Mobility & accessibility – 24 October 2016

During these themed consultation meetings, DROHME answered the questions that came up during the 21 March meeting, as well as new questions asked by attendees.


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