The Betting Village

The Ceramic Studio is a series of workshops and courses for adults and children,
for all levels, led by renowned ceramists in a unique location in Brussels.
Working with clay allows you to clear your mind and focus on the present moment.
Ceramics gives you the opportunity to create your essential everyday objects with your own hands, either on the potter’s wheel or in modelling.
We offer you the opportunity to take time for yourself, and to develop your creativity.

Vanelo is a company that develops a complete concept of services around mobility, health, well-being and social (people with reduced mobility and intergenerational dimension), local and zero carbon. Our mobility and well-being concept is dedicated to nursing homes/senior residences, leisure centres, tourist locations, events and others. We organise the maintenance and servicing of the electric scooters at home, which is essential for the proper functioning of the concept.
In addition, at Drohme Park, we rent out all types of bicycles (electric city bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric mountain bikes) by the hour, half-day, weekend or even the whole week.

The Brussels Rock School is a story of passion, benevolence, learning, sharing, good humour and of course rock ‘n roll!
In contrast to traditional approaches, which first require technical mastery of the instrument, or even music theory, we offer an easy and fun approach, allowing you to quickly access the pleasure of playing and expressing yourself on stage and artistically.
With us, even if you have never played an instrument, you will learn to play music in a group, from the very first session!


Annette & Manu create handmade wax candles – a creative and luminous craft.

Their beautiful objects bathe spaces in a soft, soothing light.

You will find unique custom-made pieces for all occasions: to decorate your home or garden, as a gift, to decorate spas, offices, and to create festive decor for weddings and parties…

Want to create your own?

They offer workshops for adults and children, organise children’s birthday parties and team buildings for up to 25 people – and all in the sharing of their passion!


Emily von Sydow offers yoga for all levels at the Hippodrome every Wednesday from 6-7pm.
She has been teaching yoga for about 10 years in the Iyengar tradition.
For more details, please contact



Lucas and Gauthier, are 2 partners who launched Prime Sport Coaching in 2020.

Both have a bachelor degree in physical education and a master degree in physical education. One is more oriented towards sports management and the other in the laboratory analysis of athletes. This allows them to complement each other and to offer a high quality service.

They offer personal training sessions with a tailor-made programme (1 to 4 people) and group training to take advantage of the pack effect (5 to 8 people).

A room will be ready to welcome you as well as an outdoor space, which is pleasant when the weather and temperatures are milder.

– Website:

– Telephone: 0498/21.74.00

– Instagram & Facebook: prime_sport_coaching

– Mail:


Dog training school, Manon and Alain offer courses to acquire the basics of obedience for a relationship of respect, trust and mutual listening.

Information and booking:
0470 /18.86.03